Dear All,

Greetings from Mibiz Group of Companies

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, my colleagues, associates, clients, partners for the continued support and confidence reposed in Mibiz Group.

There are two views- the glass is half empty or it is half filled. It is the matter of attitude. Kerala is bestowed with natural resources. Three things make a nation prosper, fertile soil, industry and the ease of moving people and goods."

While we are cognizant of the fact that the next two years are also likely to witness an influx of supply in various pockets of growth across the country, the industry is sensitive to economic cycles and is therefore, intrinsically linked to the state of the economy. Economic fluctuations and political instability continue to remain a major challenge to an otherwise healthy all-round growth.

Mibiz Group, with its deep-rooted corporate philosophy and understanding has however, been fortunate enough to not only sustain itself through these uncertain and evolving times but has also maintained its position as the fastest growing, ‘ICT Solution Provider, Infrastructure development Company’ in the country.

The positive turnaround of our Group over the last few months, and our cumulative performance across various platforms, through these tough years, makes us believe that we are rightly geared to face the challenges ahead.

However, I believe that we need to continue to dwell and invest on issues like Innovation, Technology, Market watch and training so as to further strengthen our infrastructure, processes,people, etc. and immune ourselves to the unexpected undercurrents in the market.

I am certain that with your continued support and our renewed focus & efforts, we shall continue to tread on the Growth-path in the coming years and sustain our vision of being recognized as the premier ‘value’ brand in the Indian Business scenario.

Absolutely it's the attitude that counts for the prosperity of a family, state, nation...For the past three decades, the world has been transformed in ways that could scarcely be imagined in the middle of the 20th Century. The Information & Communication Technology Revolution -- driven in large part by astonishing innovations in software has provided tools that have transformed the way we live, work, think and play. The Internet & the Information Age has opened doors to the new worlds. While I started my career I have only one goal I need to make my foot mark in this world.

Success is really not always what we see. It's the reflection of your attitude. and it's judged by Time."

Warm regards,

V.J. Reji Vasanth
Chairman & Managing Director
Mibiz Group of Companies

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