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Cyber Forensic Laboratory (CFL) Infrastructure

Hardware & Software

Once we execute the memorandum of understanding (MOU) we will be able to provide the detailed Technical Specifications with estimate for the Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Hardware & Software for Cyber Forensics Lab & Practical Lab for your organization.

Cyber Forensics Practical Lab. The Practical Lab ratio of the students for the Program we believe in 1:1 ratio. We can plan two Lab as per the strength of the stundents of your organization.

- Cyber Security Concept Labs
- Digital Cyber Forensic Training Labs
- Cyber Security Auditing of Assurance Labs
- SCADA/embedded security Labs
- Large Cyber Forensic Laboratory (CFL) / Mini Cyber Forensic Laboratory (CFL)

As per the requirment of the client Mibiz Cyber Forensics has the strength to equip the Cyber Forensic Laboratories (CFL) in a Large or a Mini Model in a cost effective manner with the best quality. This will be a well equipped state of the art Cyber Forensic Laboratories (CFL) that can perform real time Services.

Cyber Forensic Tools (Indigenous & International)

Mibiz Cyber Forensic Expert have years of experience in working on the Cyber Forensic Tools. We will be able to provide you the Technological

Cyber Security Service Cyber Security Service
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Mibiz Cyber Forensics Investigation & Services have already made a mark in providing assistance to Government Organizations, Public and Private Companies in investigating Cyber Crimes committed by both internal and external sources and presenting digital evidence in the manner acceptable to courts of Law.

Mibiz Cyber Forensics enables one to get the digital evidence during investigation of a Cyber Crime. Evidence is culled out from the suspect Computer medium with the help of appropriate Cyber Forensic tools. Mibiz Cyber Forensics Services has expertise in Mirroring of Desktops, Laptops or Standalone Systems, Detailed Analysis of Desktops, Laptops or Standalone Systems, Mirroring / Imaging of Live Systems, Network Analysis of Live Systems.

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Mibiz Cyber Forensics has expertise in Cyber Auditing. Mibiz Cyber Auditing is performed on suspect systems / terminals periodically to understand the activities performed by an Employee in a system / terminal. The Audit log throws open the different websites visited and this enables the Organization to confirm as to whether any breach of Security was committed and also understand the nature of the violation.

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Human Resource Management

Mibiz Cyber Forensic prvoide adequate training to the staffs on Cyber Security and empower them with Cyber Forensics capabilitiies. Building appropriate human resources is vital to address upcoming security challenges and threats. we send our Cyber Security Consultants to the client organization with whom we sign an memorandum of understanding (MoU) initially for a period of two weeks to facilitate establishment of the Large Cyber Forensic Laboratory (CFL) / Mini Cyber Forensic Laboratory (CFL) or the Cyber Forensics Practical Lab and make it functional. The Operational Training will be provided to the Lab Instructors and Lab Assistants selected by the organization.

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Course and syllabus design (Curriculum)

Mibiz Cyber Forensics has a full-fledged pool of Academicians who can provide Course and syllabus design (Curriculum)

- Mibiz Cyber Forensics Academicians
- Cyber security consultant
- Network security
- Operations & security management
- Incident & threat manager
- Systems architect
- Risk analysts & risk manager
- Forensic analyst
- Education & training manager

Development of courseware on Cyber law and Cybercrime investigation. Creating and updating role relevant standardised courseware contents, Introducing specific and specialized courses in the University, Engineering colleges and management institutions.

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Research & Development (R&D)

The Cyber security has attracted attention of various stakeholders in India. India will have around 730 million internet users by 2020 the Increased Internet penetration has given exponential rise in sophisticated attacks on Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.

Mibiz Cyber Forensics Research & Development (R&D) will focus much on Creation of Centres of Excellence in identified areas of advanced Cyber Security R&D and Centre for Technology Transfer to facilitate transition of R&D prototypes + to production, supporting R&D projects in thrust areas.

Mibiz Cyber Forensics Research & Development (R&D) gives special interest in Disk Forensics, Network Forensics, Mobile Device Forensics, Live Forensics, Memory Forensics, Multimedia Forensics, Internet Forensics.

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